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How Does My Process Work with Injury Report?

Thu Feb 09, 2017 8:21 pm

In an ideal situation, every person in the league with an iOS device (working on Android) has the app and when there is an injury, can quickly pull it up and fill out all the required fields. It even has a signature function to gather the parent signature when they pick up the injured child (or the adult who is injured).

When an Injury Occurs

1) Open the app on the iPhone and begin filling out the sections. Folks may start with taking down the information about the injury using dictation to make the process go faster.

2) After the report has been filled out, the person reviews it all and makes any changes

3) When the parent comes to pick up the child at the field - have the parent sign the report on the phone (this can be done later if necessary)

4) Email to the Safety Officer or other board member.

Once the email is sent, the SO or other board member now has an electronic copy they can use to get their part of the process with insurance going.

Note: iOS sometimes will not send the email right away. If that happens the user simply has to shut off their phone and restart it. Something Apple is working on because it happens in all apps that utilize email.

Also - If a Coach is using the BTC Practice Planner app - they can build an injury report from that app and pull from their roster.

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