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How Do I Handle Removing Players from Previous Drafts?

Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:42 pm

Players in my evaluation have been drafted to a division higher than mine. How do a remove those players from my eligible players pool for my own draft?

Using the tools at hand it's not a difficult process. Here is what our coaches do with the app as it follows what they've done for years with their draft sheets. The goal is to remove the players from your draft pool so that they are not on your draft list.

The secondary benefit is that after you've removed the players, you can setup your plan with the remaining players.

Here is our recommended process - we're using Majors and then Minors draft, but it could be for any level where the division above picks first, and then other divisions follow after.

1) Create a Majors Draft
2) Create one Majors Team (ignore ‘My Team’ warning)
3) Go to draft players and set sorting:
- Press clear for sorting and create the following sorts
a) Age (down arrow)
b) Last (up arrow)
c) First (up arrow)

4) Pick players from majors draft

This will take a little time, but picks are fast because there is only one team in the list. Keep picking until all the players are on the ‘Majors’ team.

When finished you can use the all teams view to verify the number players - for example: 8 majors teams of 12 = 96 players.

You can repeat this process after each draft ahead of you so that when your draft starts, you're ready to go.

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