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Mass Update of Players?

Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:28 pm

Using the app for my drafts this year, and love the way it all works.

My issue is that we have a Majors draft before our Minors draft, and players are removed from the 'pool' as a result of the Majors draft. It would be great to make a 'mass update' of some sort to those players who were drafted so that they are eliminated from my pool of players.

Not sure how you'd do that, but it would be great to have.
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Re: Mass Update of Players?

Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:40 pm

Makes sense - Not sure what the BTC folks would come up for a solution, but I see the need.

In the sort term, I would recommend the following.

1) create a list of players who were drafted into the level or levels above your team level.
2) create a 'draft' for that level and add one team to it (does not have to be my team as it's only a warning)
3) 'pick' players in the upper level draft to the single team.

This will eliminate the players from your draft pool so that you do not need to avoid them. We ask our league to provide a list of players drafted to each division so that we may 'mark them off', but you may only receive a list of remaining players, and that becomes a bit more tedious.

If you are down a level or two you can make it more interesting by:

- Creating two teams in the the 'drafted players' draft, and assigning players to either one


- Creating two drafts with one team each.

More often than not you only get a list of 'players remaining' so a single draft with one team is our personal favorite. It does not take long to handle the picks since that process is so quick. In a few minutes the pool has been thinned down to just the players remaining and we're ready to go.

We've passed the request along, and this enhancement will be considered by the development team. Part of the process is having other members weigh in on the value of the request to help 'weight' the enhancement for a development cycle.

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