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Announcing Version 1.2.5

Thu Jan 19, 2017 8:48 am

A deep review of features has lead to many changes to make League Draft easier to use and much more fun for the Managers and Coaches who participate in the draft.

Team Colors / Fonts: One of our big users has asked for the ability to set colors for teams in the draft, and after looking at a number of options, we've gone with a simple methods of picking color combinations based on familiar themes. We've also added special team fonts associated with those themes so that each team has a unique look to their tile.

Other small changes that may not be noticeable right away, but we believe they will help you in your next draft.

DropBox® Integration - in most cases we all need to import the list of players from the league so that the names match up correctly with the numbers and any mistakes we made during tryouts are corrected (age, spelling, etc.) through the import.

The problem we had was that the version of DropBox® we deployed with was being phased out, and the methods we went with needed some polish. With this update we've future proofed our DropBox® Integration and cleaned up the process to make it more robust and much clearer. In the long run this will be a huge step up for everyone using Tryout and Draft Management.

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