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What is the Best Method for Projecting My Draft on Screen?

Sun Feb 01, 2015 7:33 pm

We got a few of these questions from local leagues...

What is the Best Method for Projecting My Draft on Screen?

After a number of drafts we've come up what we think are the best ways to handle this.

First, rent or buy a projector for your league. Projecting slides has become a pretty standard way of conducting business meetings so the projectors are around for rent. Most schools have moved over from film projectors to the portable type so borrowing from the local school is a good option too.

Tip: don't spend too much or get fancy. You only need the least expensive type of projector for drafts because you'll be using the 'VGA' connector (the blue one with a lot of pins). No need to spend a ton of money renting or buying a fancy project that will do movies.

Second, rent, buy or borrow a screen. Even though we've done a number of drafts using a white sheet, or projecting on a wall... Using a screen is significantly better. Those old school 'roll up' screens are just fine for this, but there are many options out there.

Third, use 'VGA' and not 'HDMI' when you hook up your iPad to the projector. If you don't know what that means don't worry, you'll need an adapter from Apple, and the 'Lighting to VGA Adapter' is the one you want. Not only does the VGA 'dongle' connect with more projectors, it also creates a much larger image on screen when projected.

Fourth, we make the size of the draft on screen large enough (by distance of projector from screen) to hide the top and bottom areas of the draft view. These areas have no value for the Managers participating in the draft so they do not have to be shown on screen.

The rest is up to the app so once you're set up, it's straight forward to let the coaches interact with the app on the screen.

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